chimney sweep maryland

Centuries ago, well, not much more than two hundred years ago, the chimney sweep was a prominent feature of the big city environment. Yes, back then, the cities were already huge. London was at one time the world’s biggest city and lift up any classic tome and if you read long enough, the chimney sweep will have been mentioned descriptively enough, however briefly. And by the turn of the industrial revolution, the demand for the work of the chimney sweep was reaching epic proportions.

And then after no more than two further industrial revolutions, the scene changed quite dramatically. Could it be that the chimney sweep maryland business had had its day? No more sooty chimney stacks to clean out now that so many people have turned to electricity to keep hearth and home warm and functional. Far from it. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. And property owners who value their properties well enough will be calling on the twenty-first century chimney sweep from time to time.

Relaying the loose bricks and re-designing the fire place area goes a long way towards enhancing the value of the suburban property. Chimney sweeps have branched out. While they are still attending to dysfunctional, ill-used or scarcely used chimney stacks that have become home to a variety of bird species, they are also attending to the surrounding roof’s loose tiles. The roof and chimney go together. And when the one portion of the property’s infrastructure is allowed to function properly, the other will follow suit.

So, apart from keeping chimneys clean and tidy and making them look good, 21st century chimney sweeps have evolved into proactive risk managers. And they are also turning their attentions to sustainable and carbon saving developments.